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Charles Kettering said: "Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get."

Both are important for a good life.

 * Happiness is somehow the good life related to the past and the present: how to embrace the things that you have.
 * Success is somehow the good life related to the present and the future: how to make sure to achieve what you want.
Both are important for a good life, and none can replace the other.
It is essential for a good life to keep a balance between the main areas of life. There are several ways to define main areas of life, and these can be between 4 and more than 12.

The wheel of life as shown here has eight areas. It also comes with an analysis tool to determine your current status and to derive actions from that. Life Book is another tool working with 12 life areas. It also includes ways to focus on the currently most important areas.

In essence, it is not too important which tool to choose to work on a balanced development, but it is important to keep balance in mind. The good life is good in all aspects, and a problem in just one aspect can hamper the whole experience, making both Happiness and Success disappear.

Excellent resources for the good life and how to achieve it are James Clear and Mindvalley.

About this wiki

The information in this wiki focuses on the success part, in particular in connection with the Success Course at Canvas. In the future, there might also be a course on happiness.